Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Arrives

Cold! Cold! Cold! After a balmy Thanksgiving week last week (perfect for planting baby trees), an Arctic cold front has dramatically dipped down into our part of California.  Last night, despite Bruce's efforts, the pipes froze.  We discovered this dismal fact in the morning when we turned on the tap and nothing came out.  Heating water in a pot in order to wash one's face is certainly a primitive way to start a Tuesday morning...

By Friday, we've got an 80% chance of rain and snow here in Copperopolis.  That's the night of our staff Christmas party and I'll admit to a hope that we're rendered housebound by the weather.  I suppose that a party can be fun, but it can't compete to an evening at home in front of the fire with a cat on my lap, a good movie on the TV and cup if mulled wine in hand.  I love winter.

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