Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Project

Last January an issue of Handwoven Magazine arrived with a picture of a gorgeous scarf on the cover  that screamed, "Weave me!"

"Yes, I will!" I enthusiastically replied.

I immediately sent off for the yarns (an alpaca blend -- fabulously expensive stuff, as I learned) and they arrived the next week.  I lined up the colors, set up my warping board and commenced winding warp.

Then I got busy.  And more busy.  Sadly, the stuff I got busy with was everything but weaving.

Fast-forward twelve months.  Last weekend, I finally blew the dust off my warping board, found the cones and hanks of yarn (which had migrated and were now integrated with all my other yarn), unearthed the pattern and instructions and then sat down and re-figured out what I was supposed to do (more difficult than getting things together the first time because everything was a little messed up and I had to make sense of what I'd already done.  No easy task).

The pattern is an extended point twill

After having this project looming (Ooow -- a weaving pun!) in the background of every day for almost an entire year, it's quite a satisfaction to finally have it actually on the loom.

And here it is.  I've only just begun the weaving, but it's fun and the pattern is an easy one to remember.

Naturally, I'm left asking myself what took me so long to get this going.  It feels wonderful to sit behind my loom again.  Good therapy!
When off the loom and washed, the threads will mesh more (the yellow band at the bottom will be removed)

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