Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Day

 During the night I could hear the wind blowing a mix of rain and snow against the windows.  In the morning, we looked out to sort-of white hills.  It's such a rare thing for these hills to be anything but gold or green (or, sadly, black) that the whiteness changes everything.

In the back flower bed, bedraggled pansies poke through the snow.  It's hard to believe that they can survive this cold.  We'll see how they look in a few days.
The geese marched right out of their stall when I slid it open and hurried through the snow to their grain pan.  The snow didn't seem to concern them or bother their big, flat goose feet.

The hens, on the other hand, crowded outside as soon as I raised their door...and then turned around and went back inside their nice warm coop.

Murphy had never been in snow like this before.  We now call him Mr. Iditarod.

As we walked, the snow dripping and melting in the sun, we decided that it would make sense to haul out Cornelius for his annual Christmas photo shoot.  As usual, Corny was filthy, hairy and in no mood to cooperate.  Also, as usual, he allowed me to decorate him and allowed me to wire red-glitter deely-bobbers to his halter.  Our only setback was the two times he managed to get his teeth onto the red balls on the ends of the wires.  He was quick, but I was quicker and managed to get them out of his mouth before he could chew them.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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