Friday, December 6, 2013

More Cold

Tonight is the night of our annual staff Christmas party.  Every year it's held at a private saloon  (yes, a private saloon.  Don't ask.)  -- the drink flows, the food is great and there is much hilarity as people open their white elephant gifts.  I'm not absolutely certain, but I think that I'll be skipping the festivities this year.  I just want to stay home and toast in front of the fire.

The annuals in the garden have thrown in the towel.  The marigolds still look bright because they are in a shocked sort of suspended animation -- they don't know that they're dead.  Yet.  

The skies are clouding up and the temperatures are actually a bit warmer because of the cloud cover.  Snow is predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning.  I'm eager to see what's in store.

When I got home from school this afternoon, Zelda immediately leapt onto the car to bask in the warmth from the engine.  

Yes, it's official.  We're skipping the party tonight.  Life is good.

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