Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Fox Says, "Dance!"

Two days until winter break.  As I do every year, I've put together the pieces that our two 4th grade classes will perform at our Christmas program.  Our principal knows how to square dance, so the past three years we've had him help us teach the moves to the children and it's been a real crowd pleaser.  This year I also hauled out a poem called "The Ballad of a Fox" for the classes to recite.   It's a traditional piece that is pretty cute when the kids say it with lots of expression.  However, when I first told them that we were doing this poem, they thought I was talking about a new dance song that went viral on YouTube called "What does the Fox Say?"  It's a joke song put out by a Norwegian group, but the beat and silly lyrics are perfect for an energetic group of ten-year-olds.  The children were disappointed, but stoic, when they learned that they were reciting a dumb old poem instead of dancing to this ridiculous song.

This morning, when I was typing out my announcer notes, it hit me that it would be funny if, after they finished the square dance number, they hijacked the sound system and blasted out "What does the Fox Say?".  We gave it a try today and the children lit up the room when they launched into the dance.  There are about six students who are heavily involved in dance and they knew exactly what to do.  The other students (even the shy ones) followed their lead.  The room was rocking.  Forty-seven 4th graders arm-pumping, singing, shimmying and hopping around like the wild little foxes they are.  Mrs. Heflin and I locked elbows and we swung around to the music, much to the children's delight.

Fun times -- now that's Christmas!

Here is the link to the song video:

Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD ...

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