Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Well Woes

    As is the way of things at Frogpond, this place is constantly falling apart.  Yesterday was the well.  It is always such a treat turning on the tap and getting a trickle, then a whoosh of air, and then nothing.  I did get my afternoon exercise trekking up and down through the horse/llama pasture numerous times in my attempt to figure out what was wrong (by the way, it's 0.21 miles there and back, with a slight detour to pet the horse along the way).

The good news is that we had a storage tank filled to the brim with water and the pump seemed to be working fine.  The slightly less good news is that at that point I was stuck and had to wait until Bruce got home to figure out what was wrong.  Ants.  A large colony of them had built a nest nearby and they had gotten into a panel and clogged up the connectors with their corpses. 


Minutes later, Bruce had cleaned them out and we had water again.  Hallelujah!  It’s always a good day when we don’t have to call the well guys (next time this happens - and there will be a next time - I’ll be able to do this myself).  We also put ant bait down there to do away with our little friends. 

This morning as I'm sitting here thinking about our water situation, I'm so grateful that the tank was full and the problem wasn't that our water level had gone down farther.  We can't drill any deeper as we would then reach salt water.  My hope is that our almost-normal winter rainfall replenished our aquifer and we won't have to haul in water this year.  This probably isn't realistic, as it's only June -- but we'll see.