Friday, December 13, 2013

Who to Believe?

Old Farmer's Almanac Long Range Weather Forecast

Annual Weather Summary: November 2013 to October 2014

Winter will be much rainier and cooler than normal, with mountain snowfall much greater than normal. Most of the rain, snow, and storminess will come in January and February, when storm damage will be a concern. The coldest periods will be in mid-December and mid- to late January.

                                                         As opposed to:
California Department of Water Resources Long Range Weather Forecast
The Sacramento region and California as a whole can expect a third dry winter ahead.

"Rainier and cooler than normal" as opposed to "a third dry winter ahead" -- The Old Farmer's Almanac people and the folks at CA Dept. of Water Resources have a bit of a difference of opinion on our rain outlook.  Although logic tells me that I should believe the more science-oriented report from the California agency, I'm hoping like crazy that Old Farmer's is on the money with this one.  Every time I look down into the barren pit that is/was our pond, I wonder what it would be like to have a summer arrive when there was no water at all in it.  This has never happened -- no matter how dry the winter, there's always been enough rain to give our frogs something to swim in.

Come on Farmer's Almanac!


  1. Hope you're blessed with enough moisture to keep them ponds filled.

    1. Me too! Thank you for the good thoughts.