Monday, December 2, 2013

The Day Before, The Day, and The Day After Thanksgiving

Acorn Woodpecker getting lunch at Murphys

Uncle Mike has gone back to Arizona and I'm back at work.  Funny how quickly holidays pass.  The to-do list of the many things I planned to accomplish has very few items checked off of it.  No matter -- the days were filled with quiet pleasures.  Perhaps this counts more than any number of check marks on a list.

Here are a few pictures from the day before Thanksgiving, when we visited Murphys, Ironstone Winery, and Calaveras Tree Farm.
Flower at Ironstone Winery

Goldfinches having lunch

The owner, Mick, and I loading up trees at Calaveras Tree Farm

Picking out trees -- heaven!

Mick picking acorns for me from a Japanese Oak

When we left Murphys, we drove over to the town of Valley Springs to pick up a few trees from my favorite nursery.  They specialize in oak trees of all varieties and I've been visiting at least once a year for the past 30 years.  On this visit I learned that the owner, Mick, was finally retiring.  A man of few words, all he said about that was, "It's time."  I understand, but I'm still sad to lose this small but precious part of my life.

Naturally, I ended up by buying many more trees than I'd originally planned (plus Mick threw in 6 more at no charge.  I love that man).  Knew we bought that truck for a reason!
Our truck with a small forest in the back

Thanksgiving Day 

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Little brothers never change...

Mike, Bruce, Mama and Ian

Uncle Mike at his leisure (resting up for the next day)

The day after Thanksgiving was tree-planting day at Frogpond.
Mike and I managed to get two holes dug by chipping away at the rock for most of the afternoon while Bruce brought up dirt from the dried out pond to build up the banks.  

Baby Blue Oaks

And now my mind is filling up again with school.  I miss Mike...

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