Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Birthday

You know you're having a smashing birthday when your dear husband comes home bearing a big paper bag filled with cartons of sushi.  I'd hardly eaten all day and, for good measure, taken the dogs for a brisk two-mile walk when I got home.  I was famished, in the best of all possible ways. 

We downed the lot in record time.  Arby insisted on celebrating with us and I caved and shared a bit of my meal with him.  The worst of it was that I let him eat it on the table (I know I'm going to pay dearly for this indulgence).
For desert...
...2 fabulous cupcakes!
A whole cake would have been too much -- a cupcake was perfect. Arby, bless his fuzzy toes, was content to let me eat it in peace. 
I also had presents (I told you it was a smashing birthday!).  Becky snuck into my classroom after school while I was helping some students with their science fair projects.  I never saw her place the bag of gifts on my chair.  I only looked up when I heard the door close as she left.  The children had seen her and told me a lady had come in with the bag.  I was able to call her back to give her a hug before she left.  She'd beautifully wrapped nine glittery camisoles and one glittery little sweater.  Perfect! 
From Bruce (with no wrapping at all) I got three books -- all three to help me learn GERMAN.  They go along with Bruce's Christmas gift to me of a computer German language course called Rosetta Stone.  It's taken me awhile to get started, but I'm still determined to learn how to speak at least enough German to make myself understood.  I have made it through the first two lessons and can already say such important things as, "Das Pferd trinkt."  (Actually, this may not be exactly correct, but for now, it's close enough.  We all must start somewhere.) 
This has been a lovely way to start the New Year.  After my Christmas doldrums, I'm somehow newly energized and am back to walking my two miles a day, weaving, now learning German, continuing to blog and enjoying teaching.  Life is good.  

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