Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Tale of a Tail

This past week has been quite the ordeal -- way too much school stuff going on.  But by today things calmed down.  I had to go to a Saturday Science conference that was supposed to go 'til two o'clock in the afternoon.  My team was told on the side that we could leave by 11:30 if we got our lesson planning done.  We did this, and the lot of us were bolting towards the door when one of the administrators who I know called out to me, "Where are you going?"  In shock and  feeling incredibly guilty, I mouthed back that we were leaving.  I've been feeling badly about this ever since.  I know that a lot of work was put into putting on this conference that we left and I sort of wish I'd stayed...Ah, well.

When I got home, despite the guilt, it was wonderful to just stop being a teacher for awhile.  Bruce made eggs for lunch, we played cribbage (I won!)  and we just relaxed. 

Tomorrow Mary is coming to give Corny and I a riding lesson. 

I decided that, for the occasion,  the horse needed his rat's nest of a tail combed out.  To my shame, I must admit that its been building up knots since autumn. 

So I (with wine glass near at hand), combed out his tangled tail, while he (with hay in his mouth), ate and ignored me.  Good times!

In the end, his tail was relatively tangle-free.  Corny really
does have a glorious tail -- full and wavy and very long. It will be looking lovely for Mary tomorrow.  Of course, the rest of the horse is caked with dried mud -- but the tail looks great!

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