Friday, January 4, 2013

Seal, Arlo, and the Comfy Bed

Seal and Arlo have been mostly outdoor dogs since they were puppies. At night, they've always slept in a stall in the barn and in the daytime they nap on their dog beds on the porch (or anywhere else they feel like sprawling). They come in from time to time, but usually are restless after a short while and want out.
However, now that they're reaching senior citizen age (11 years old), this winter they're settling into evenings inside. It's nice to have them in with us. We picked them up this dog bed last week and all the cats and dogs have been taking turns sacking out on it. Seal and Arlo were a bit nervous getting on it at first, but now they're jockeying up for their turn. When we're ready for bed, they trot off behind Bruce to be tucked into their stall in the barn. They still like bedding down out there, but I have a feeling that soon they'll be wanting to sleep all night inside the house. 
When that time comes, the welcome mat will be out.

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