Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Birthday Dinner

Last night Mama finally was able to make it up to Frogpond to prepare my official birthday dinner -- between sickness and my crazy schedule (Saturday teaching workshops), we'd had to put it off for two weeks. It was worth the wait. Bruce, Mama and I had one of those comfortable, laid-back, happy evenings that can't really be planned. They just happen.

Mama, knowing of my great fondness for anchovies, brought up a Julia Child recipe for a potato/anchovy with cream and cheese dish (worth every last one of its two zillion calories, I might add).

Bruce put some Mozart on and Mama took over the kitchen and commenced cooking.

She was well-supervised.

While she cooked, I set to work on my baby blanket project on the loom in the bedroom. The door was open, so I could hear the Mozart as I wove and soon this was accompanied by delicious smells wafting in from the kitchen. Bruce was in charge of replenishing the wine glass from time to time (I generally cut the wine with half sparkling water -- keeps my wits relatively clear but I can still enjoy a glass or two).

And so, Bruce sat and read in the living room, Mama cooked in the kitchen, the cats slept all over the house, and I wove in the bedroom, while Mozart and the fragrance of baking filled the house.

There were no leftovers

When the casserole was finished, we all came together to watch it being pulled from the oven in all its bubbly, cheesy glory.

Then we filled our plates, and settled down to dine and watch the movie "Mozart's Daughter" together.

And that was my Oma/Mama birthday dinner -- I am so blessed!

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