Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flowing Water and Good Boy Corny

This morning there was still water!  How lovely to turn on the tap and have something come out -- until you've been without water, it's hard to imagine how inconvenient it is not to have it at one's fingertips.  Tonight's low temperature is supposed to be around 26 degrees, which is 4 degrees higher than last night.  By weekend, we should be above freezing again and everyone will breath a sigh of relief.

Corny had his first lesson as a Western horse with Mary this morning.  I called her this afternoon when I'd gotten home from school and learned that he did splendidly.  When he saw her pull up to the drive and unlock the gate, he recognized her and cantered up alongside the truck as she drove up.  That melted her heart and set the tone for the entire session.  She worked him in the arena and then took him for a short trail ride on the neighbor's property where I walk.  He did very well, his new bridle fit perfectly, and Mary is certain that he's going to make a perfect Western pleasure mount for me.  I was very proud of my boy (and sorry that I missed his first lesson).

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