Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dutch Babies and Swedish Flags

Yesterday I bravely girded my loins and set forth to work in my classroom for a few hours.  I hadn't been in since that last Friday before Christmas and the room was looking rather forlorn.  The fish were very glad to have me switch on their light and sprinkle in honest-to-God fish flakes.  Although I tossed a food block in the tank before I'd left, they definitely prefer their normal stinky food.  I watered the plants and then took down and boxed up all the Christmas decorations -- lights, the tiny artificial tree, and the ornaments pinned to the wall.  Last to go was the tiny Santa hat I'd put on the fake stuffed crow that watches down on on the class from his perch above the students' desks.  I'll get a picture of him.  Then I ran off next week's worksheets and readied the room for next week.

I'm glad I went in when I did and didn't put it off until today, as I was hit by yet another cold that --incredibly -- came upon me as I was driving home.  This is the third stinker of a cold to hit me in as many weeks -- this was great fun the first two times around, but now it's just a bore.  Mama, Bruce and Becky all are on the tail-end of the ones they had for Christmas, and here I am at the sniffling/sneezing/coughing starting gate yet again. Enough already.

It rained last night, so it was lovely to be able to stay home, knowing that my classroom was presentable for Monday.  For breakfast, Bruce made this delicious thing called a Dutch Baby.  I have no idea why this recipe has such an oddly disquieting name -- thankfully, it doesn't look anything like a baby. 

Dutch Baby is made out of the same ingredients as Yorkshire pudding -- eggs, flour, butter and salt.  In the oven it poofs up magnificently.  Bruce sauteed apples with raisins to go top, along with a caramel sauce to spoon over the whole thing.
Once again, I forgot and began inhaling eating before taking a picture
I may have a cold, but there's nothing wrong with my appetite. 
I also got the baby blanket project for new grand baby Logan on the loom. I chose the blue and gold for the stripes because those are the team colors of the Baltimore Ravens.  As both stepdaughter Chelsea and her husband, Adam, are diehard Ravens fans, it seemed fitting that their newest addition should be wrapped in the blue and gold.  However, when the stripes began to emerge as I wove, it put me in mind of the Swedish flag.  I do like the colors though.
Off to bed -- school tomorrow (what will the cats do without me?).

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