Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Day!

 Yesterday was a good day for not being at work.  My cold was in high gear and I wasn't feeling well at all, but decided to keep my appointment to get my hair cut down in Stockton -- rescheduling would mean having to do this next week after school and the week looks to be crazy-busy enough as it is.  However, I did cancel the lunch date with daughter Liz.  Her birthday was last week, but she was very sweet about postponing our little celebration for a while longer.  She knows the best little restaurants in Stockton, so (on an admittedly selfish level), I'm relieved to wait until I have more of an appetite).

I got my hair cut and was headed back home around one o'clock when it began to rain.  Big, splappy, lacy drops hit the windshield as I crossed Gopher Ridge to home.

When I arrived home, I excitedly told Bruce that it was almost, almost, almost snowing outside!

And then, a few minutes later, I looked out the window and it was no longer almost, almost, almost snowing -- it was SNOWING, SNOWING, SNOWING!  Yeah, I reacted like a little kid.

We get very little snow here -- usually just a light dusting ever few years.  But this storm was different.  The flakes fell thickly like messy white confetti dumped out of the clouds. They were melting even as they fell, so everything pretty much turned to water when it hit the ground.

Der Schneesturm am Froschteich! (Did I say this right???)

The flakes really tried to turn into a blizzard, but the temperature was a bit too warm (36 degrees).  It was impressive anyway.

It's such a delight when something different like this happens -- I love seeing Frogpond in new ways. This freak snowstorm was perfect.

And, remarkably, amazingly and wonderfully, I was home to see it!

After the storm, a group of ducks trundled up to the house and spent several minutes quietly standing around, curiously contemplating the whiteness on Gopher Ridge.  Perhaps they were composing snow haiku together.  Or hatching a plan to order a duck-sized toboggan from Amazon so they could shoosh down the slope together.  Gotta love them duckies!

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