Monday, February 4, 2013

Corny the Working Horse

Max sunbathing on top of the car
This afternoon I had a doctor's appointment in Sacramento, so I had a wonderful Monday morning home from work.  The sun shone, the air was soft and warm and the animals relaxed in their after-breakfast trances...

...all except for Cornelius, who found himself once again being saddled up for yet more work in the arena. Life just isn't fair.  He did get the itchy places behind his ears scratched, which helped his mood.  A bit.

Doesn't he look happy with his sorry lot in life?

He actually does enjoy the attention -- really!  It doesn't help that he's having to trot and canter in the arena while wearing his heavy winter coat -- poor guy was sweating almost immediately.  I promised Mary I would ride, though, and sweaty or not, we had to get the job done.

The arena work went well.  I'm gaining confidence every time we canter and am no longer trying to stop him even as I'm telling him to go.  Now we just GO.  It's also becoming evident that Corny's stamina is improving, and it takes longer for him to start huffing and blowing.  Best of all, Mary finally told us that my boy is no longer fat -- he just needs more muscling up.

After we were done in the arena, we just rode around the lower pasture.  The fun thing about Corny is that he's interested in everything.  He spent several minutes just looking over the fence at the empty road.  I guess when you normally see everything only from the vantage point of your pasture, even 500 yards down the fence must seem new and exciting.

Back to the barn again.  The tiny boy was tired -- I had to hold his head up for him.

After the ride, he got cooled off with a hose-down (so did I -- I always seem to get as wet as the horse).

Then he got tucked into his paddock with a small flake of hay and a large carrot.

And then I left him to eat, roll, nap and continue with all the other horsey pleasures that I'd interrupted.

All I can say is he'd better rest up and enjoy his leisure while he can -- for tomorrow his Auntie Mary will be coming up the drive.

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