Monday, February 25, 2013

The List

Our Garden Help: The Orange Boys (Bruce took this pic)

 My February break is now a thing of the past.  Since last Friday, I made a final push to get done some of the things that had been on the List (the one that has no beginning and no end, but always keeps growing).  I went to my classroom on Friday morning and did some cleaning up, fed the fish and brought home a load of journals to grade.

In the afternoon, Bruce and I took a drive to a nursery in a small town about an hour away and had a lovely time buying 3 bare root walnut trees, a bare root apricot tree, two potted olive trees and two blackberry bushes.  On Saturday we planted the 3 walnut trees in the area outside the orchard garden.  We'll see how they do.  I also planted the two blackberry plants and tied up all to the blackberry canes to the guide wires.  On Sunday we planted the apricot tree.  I also corrected all my student journals  plus all the other papers that had stacked up.

This afternoon we got the first of the olive trees in the ground.

It's a simple little blanket, but as soft as a kitten

Best of all, the baby blanket I've been working on for way too long was finally completed, cut from the loom and finished off.  That was a great feeling.  Bruce sent it off to daughter Chelsea today.

Spring is in the air.  For this week, I must plant the second olive tree, get the 30 pounds of seed potatoes planted (where am I putting them again?), complete all my report cards and prepare a 12 minute talk that I'll be presenting to the entire teaching staff of our district in 10 days.  No pressure there.

I'm slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work I've put in front of myself, but am busy, happy and pleased by all the things I can put a "done" check next too.  Even though the list keeps getting longer, I'm like a fish flashing down a very swift stream: as long as I don't fight it or start to stress, things just go rolling along.


  1. We got the box in the mail yesterday! Thank you so much, the blanket is gorgeous! And the perfect size to put over the little guy in his carseat. We've been using James' blanket for him, but big brother was a little possessive and wanted to know baby Baby Logan was using it! Its so soft and I will let you know how it fares in the wash.

  2. All right, that's great to hear! I was a little surprised by how small it appeared by the time it was washed and dried and glad that it's a useful size after all. :)