Saturday, February 9, 2013

Egg Cups

Right now the egg yolks are at their deepest, richest orange
When visiting Anke and Wolfgang in Germany last summer, I fell in love with the breakfast eggcups that Anke set out several mornings.  They had the cutest little chicken feet (who thinks up this stuff???).

After raving about them to anyone who would listen for the next six months, it's hardly surprising that I got eggcups from both Mama and Bruce for Christmas.  Mama's are a classic white molded hen shape -- perfect for smaller eggs.  Bruce 's are the kind with feet.  They are different than the ones Anke had, but the idea is the same.  They are larger than the white ones, so hold the super-large springtime eggs that the hens are laying right now.  Both sets came with delicate porcelain egg spoons, of a size to fit perfectly inside an egg to scoop out every last, delicious bit.

Eating soft-boiled eggs has now become almost an artistic ritual.  Hard to believe that until now, we would simply set the eggs in small glass shot glasses and cram in regular teaspoons.  That worked OK, but eating eggs is now much more elegant and fun.

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