Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Die Eier (The Eggs)

Ahhh...it's that eggy time of the year when the hens finally begin laying again after the dark days of winter.  Although it's only February, these several weeks of warm weather have gotten the hens back into production again in a big way.  We're averaging 10-14 eggs a day, which means that we're looking at about seven dozen eggs per week.  This bounty is offered to anyone who comes to our house for any reason at all.   In the past,  people such as the meter reader, a UPS driver and the guy who fixed our stove have all left with cartons of eggs to take home with them.  Not for the first time, I wish that I could mail our eggs to all of our far-away friends and family.

These first eggs of the season are always the biggest and most colorful.  A well-rested hen does good work!

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