Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Day Outside

Today was a gloriously sunny February day.  We spent most of it outside, in the company of all the animals (who were also enjoying the warmth).

Here is Poom, doing what he does best: making a mess of something.  In this case, digging a hole in the midst of my bulb bed.  Can't imagine why the little guy would dig a hole nor what he intends to put in it...

And here is Max, doing what he does best: checking things out.  He loves the inside of our cars (unless he's going to the vet).  Here, he's inspecting the bags of feed that Bruce brought home from the feed store.  There's a large bag of cat food in the pile, so I'm fairly certain that he gave the lot his OK.

Corny and I also had a lesson with Mary.  She's very pleased with our progress -- Corny is toning up and I'm feeling stronger in the saddle.  Today we worked on cantering.  I have a fear of going fast and Mary decided that it was time to tackle it head on by my pushing Corny to run as hard as he could on the long sides of the arena.  Never mind that my big boy at his speediest is somewhat slower than a bulldog -- for me, it was heart-thumpingly fast.  We did well and I'm slowly getting over the fear that I'm going to slam into the sand.  We haven't quite gotten to the point where this cantering stuff is fun, but I'm sensing that this will happen some day soon.  Praise be!

To end off the day, I dug up one of the raised beds and planted four rows of beets.  I also some temporary string "fencing" to try to foil the chickens, at least temporarily.  Over half of them have been getting out of the coop every day and they're destroying my plantings.  Bruce is working on adding wire to the top the fence around the coop.  Chickens are very hard on gardens and right now they strut around, scratching up my beds like they own the place.  So it's back to chicken prison with them.

For all of the pleasure we're getting from this lovely weather, I'm really wishing for lots more grey clouds rolling in and dumping rain.  We need it.

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