Saturday, February 2, 2013

End of a Long Week

I don't like the week's that are so busy that I can't find the energy to catch my breath and write here.  It feels like I'm ignoring my child.  Funny how that is.

School continues to dominate my life right now -- right now the focus is on our first school-wide science fair.  I held our first science fair three years ago for just 4th and 5th grades.  Last year the fair was even bigger and on our science fair night, the multi-purpose room was packed with people.  After that success, our principal decided that he wanted all grade levels to participate.  So next week we'll have projects from kindergarten on up.  This is really a good thing for the students and the community in general and I believe in it with my whole heart.  But I'm ready to hand off organizing it to someone else now that it's gotten so big.  I have another teacher in mind to take over next year -- she's much better than I am at paying attention to details.  Fingers crossed that she wants the job.

Cornelius continues to be ridden by Mary twice during the week.  She's taking him out on the road, where he has to deal with all sorts of scary stuff like flapping flags, dogs, and cars.  On Thursday she rode him up the steep road that goes up Gopher Ridge.  He was sort of snorty and excited the whole way.  On the way down the hill, he and Mary got into a bit of an argument -- he wanted to let gravity help him along and would speed up to a trot instead of walking like Mary wanted.  When he would do this, Mary would turn him around and ask him to canter back up the road.  This happened several times before Corny figured out that walking carefully down the hill was the thing to do.  By this time he was a very hot and sweaty horse.  Mary always wins when there's an argument with the horse she's riding.

When I drove up the drive in the late afternoon, he only looked up at the car for the merest instant, and then turned his back and began grazing again.   I think he'd had enough of people for the time being.

Tomorrow morning, Mary comes to give us both a lesson.  I haven't told Corny about this.

I do have a picture!  Last month's Cook's Magazine had a decadent looking recipe for roast shrimp and tonight we gave it try.  Heaven!

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