Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The First Day of the New Year

 Today I stayed home and busied myself around here.  I finally got the poor shivering tulips out of the fridge in the garage and planted them in the center bed.  This is what a bed of 200 newly planted tulip bulbs looks like.

I still have about 100 daffodil and 50 or so Dutch iris left to go.  We'll get those in tomorrow.

All the Christmas decorations have been taken down and boxed away in the garage for another year.  The house looks rather plain after several weeks of being festooned with holiday finery.

I also made myself begin grading writer's notebooks.  I waited much too long to collect them and am now faced with 43 notebooks with 40 entries apiece for me to read.  That's a lot of reading...

But with strong cups of tea and Arby's help, this will get finished tomorrow too.

Looks like tomorrow's going to be a busy day.

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