Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Red Flag

It is with a sinking heart that I read this message from the National Weather Service when I clicked on their link.  January is supposed to be our rainiest month - a time of cold, green, mossy wet.  We've had no measurable rain since the first half of November.  The grass that started to sprout from our nice little deluge just before Thanksgiving is now beginning to die and the ground has turned powdery and dry.  There is a high pressure system that has locked over our entire state that just won't let up and no storms can sweep in from the north.

I'm trying to remain optimistic, but I'm beginning to run through the scenarios of what the summer will be like if no rains come.  Our well was so low at the end of the summer that I'm fearful of what is in store for us if the water table isn't recharged.  The "pond" is completely and utterly bone dry -- not a drop of water.  No frogs.  No turtles.  Just an expanse of dried mud.  Can the oak trees hang on if there is another dry year?  I suppose that I shouldn't even try to plant a vegetable garden... I have to work to keep from panicking.

I tell myself that the winter isn't over yet.  The high pressure system may move out next week and storm after storm may dump much needed rain.  All may be well.  However, just in case,  if there's anyone out there who has a special little rain dance that may send precipitation this way, please dance away!

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