Monday, January 20, 2014

The Project

 The kitchen is no longer in the kitchen.

Instead, part of it is on the bed in my office.

Another part is in the closet .                                              

 Boxes of food from the cabinets are stacked up by the front door.                                                                                                  

Our dishes have taken over the dining area.


And our cups are nestled in amongst the house plants.

The only part of our kitchen still in the 
kitchen are the stove, fridge, sink and 
cabinet frames.  Hugh is making us new 
doors for the cabinets and our one 
tiny job has been to paint the frames.  

It didn't seem like it would be that big
a task.  I was wrong.  I began to get a 
clue when I realized that the contents
of this one room had filled up every other 
room in the house.  

Then Bruce removed the cabinet doors and 
we washed the frames, sanded the frames
wiped down the frames, and painted the 
frames with primer.  


The contents of our kitchen have even spilled out onto our porch.

It is now one in the morning.  I just finished painting the last cabinet with primer.  I'll take pix in the real morning.  I was just congratulating myself that at least I was done with the primer, when I realized that I'd forgotten to do the window frame.  It'll wait.


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