Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Here, in the light of day, is the baby oak tree I planted by flashlight two nights ago.  It doesn't look like it weighs two million pounds, does it?  And it certainly is hard to believe that the hole I dug had to go four miles down.

Last night I planted a baby pine tree along the drive and a climbing rose in the orchard.  Both of these were much smaller then the monster oak, so got tucked in much more quickly.  No flashlight required.

All this frantic planting is, of course, because I want to get as much in the ground as possible before the predicted rain arrives to soak everything in.

There was a 30% chance of rain today, but not a drop fell.  Lovely, grey clouds, though, and the air smells heavy and moist.

An 80% chance of rain is predicted tonight after ten o'clock.  It is now 10:38 and I just stepped out on the porch to check things out.  Still nothing.  What's wrong with the sky?  The rain is 38 minutes late and I'm impatiently tapping my little foot.

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