Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Planting

 It took until early afternoon, but all my students' Writer's Notebooks have been read, commented upon and the grades duly recorded.  Never, never, never will I let three months of student writing pile up like that again.

As soon as I could, I got back to my bulb planting.  This time, it involved setting a ring of rocks around a small oak tree along the drive.  Inside the ring is fresh compost in which I planted about 25 daffodils and a scattering of California poppy seeds.

Farther up the drive, Bruce had augered a hole in a place I thought would be be a good spot for a tree.  He also constructed a wire cage to protect the baby tree's roots from the many gophers that tunnel and ravage everything they can sink their yellow little teeth in.  I do not like gophers.

I know that this sounds ridiculously self-evident, but planting very small trees is infinitely easier then planting larger ones.

We have about nine more trees and some roses to get in the ground very soon. I really need another week of "break."

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