Monday, January 20, 2014

The Kitchen Saga Continueth

The Painting-of-the-Kitchen continues.  Was there ever a time before this project began?  A time when forks were in a drawer and one could light a stove burner without first having to lift up a sheet of plastic?  A time before every room in the house was filled with Kitchen?

Last night we stayed up until we'd gotten primer on every cabinet.

This morning, the kitchen looked very messy, very empty (amazingly, it is possible for a room to be simultaneously messy and empty) and very white.

So we began painting everything sage green.

We got the first coat on.  The primer still peeks through in streaks, so we'll have to give it all another go-round -- maybe even one after that.

It does seem like rather an endless task right now.  I'd unrealistically hoped to have all of this done by the end of today.  That's so not happening.  However, I'm very happy with the color.  There are little drips and globs and steaks all over the place.  The house is a shambles.  But the color on the cabinets is such a pretty shade of green and eventually all of this will be done.

I'm thinking...by next Sunday.

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