Thursday, January 9, 2014

In a Boat without a Paddle

I never shared Bruce's Christmas present to me.  Several times over the summer,  I mentioned that it would be fun to tool around the various lakes around here in a kayak.  Then I  forgot all about it.  Guess what Santa brought?

I was very surprised, touched and pleased.  Also a bit perplexed, as I haven't the time to devote to my various activities as it is -- walking, riding the Cornelius, gardening, weaving and writing.  Add kayaking to the mix and it made me a bit anxious.

But I decided why worry about it?  Just go with the flow (hah -- a pun!) and enjoy.  So that's what I'm doing.

So far, the Christmas kayak sits in the carport.  We have no water in the pond, so I can't try it out there.  Even if there was water, I haven't got the paddles yet (we're getting them this weekend).

However, who needs paddles or water when one has a perfectly good lab/border collie cross dog to enjoy the boating experience with?  Murphy LOVES the kayak.  So do I.

And we haven't even touched water yet!

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