Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wind and Waves and Wind, Wind, and more Wind

Next week is my 4th graders big overnight field trip to Monterey, so I thought it might be a good idea to scope things out in advance.  Bruce and I were ready for a field trip of our own after several months of his recovering from back surgery while I've been floundering in way to much school work.  A day at the ocean, with a picnic and everything seemed like just the thing.

And it was.  Except that the wind was gusting like crazy and made my hair whip all over my face and my hat repeatedly threaten to fly off my head. Also, for some reason, this was THE weekend for everyone to get out to the ocean -- cars and people were everywhere.  Just as I'd discover a cute little crab hunkering in its tide pool, several other people would hurry over to see what I was looking at.  Everyone was nice, but I was looking to spend more time with sea creatures and less with people creatures.  So, after several hours, we left and came home again.

Not quite the jaunt we were expecting, but still, the outing did us good.  I'll post more pictures tomorrow.  Now it's off to bed -- wind and sea air makes me sleepy in a good way.

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