Sunday, May 5, 2013

Point Lobos

Well, I don't feel like such a wimp for packing it in and heading for home yesterday -- I checked the weather for Point Lobos and discovered that the wind gusts were up to 41 mph.  Not exactly a gale, but   not picnic-on-the-rocks weather either.  Still, it was lovely.



I love the little worlds that exist in tide pools.  It occurs to me that although these little crabs can get buffeted by the waves, they weren't at troubled by the wind that was just above the water line.  They did look a little smug as they goggled at poor wind-whipped me from their cozy underwater crevices (no doubt making bets on whether my hat would go flying or not...)

These strange circles are worn, I think, by the waves on the soft sandstone

It will be quite the adventure sharing all of this with my 4th graders next week, although some of the are so rambunctious that I worry about them falling off cliffs or being swept away.  Following directions is not their strong suit.  Well, I 'll think positive -- after all, I've always come home with the same number of students that left.

Today we stayed home, which was nice.  My horse trainer friend, Mary, and her daughter trailered their horses over and we rode in the arena together.  It's been over a month since I rode last and Corny's getting fat again.  Sigh.  Time to literally get back in the saddle again.  Afterwards we cooled out the horses by riding on our neighbor's trails that wind through the oaks on his property.  It was a good day.

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