Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Almost over...

It's the second-to-last week of the school year and the events are flying thick and fast.  I decided that, with testing behind us, I'd launch both of my classes into using iPads for researching an ocean animal and presenting their report in a slideshow.  As the learning curve of my students ranges from never having used a touchpad screen to having used the latest technology from toddlerhood, this has been an interesting, exhausting and fulfilling experience.  However, it is truly amazing how quickly children catch on to technology if just given the opportunity.  In three days, they've mastered navigating, uploading, downloading, passwords, saving images, deleting information, and creating slides with transitions.

The hardest part is that few but the most skilled among them can type worth squat, and hunting for each correct letter to tap is an agonizingly slow process.  I'll say this though; they are persistent and are putting in every ounce of effort in creating their ocean animal masterpieces.  Next week they'll be presenting their slideshows for their classmates and we'll all become experts on giant siphonophores and upside-down jellies.

Next year, though, we're learning how to type.

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