Friday, May 17, 2013

A Good Friday

Today I feel much better about life in general.  The parent meeting I attended was as long as anticipated, but the feeling in the room by the end was of optimism for the coming year.  Obviously, I'm not able to write about any of this in detail, but it's such a relief for the team when a situation that has been solidly negative for a long time finally becomes brighter.  I'm happy.

Our Open House (almost immediately following the meeting) ended up being great in all the ways a teacher hopes it will:

*A classroom crowded with a mix of interested parents and enthusiastic students, looking at all the projects and papers around the room.

* A slideshow of the overnight ocean trip flashing pictures set to music calculated to put a lump in the throat of any parent of their children looking exquisite as they played in the water, etc.

*Several students from former years stopping by just to give hugs and say hello

I'm going to get to school early this morning to take pix of the classroom so I can show you what my little school portable looks like when it's decked out in its Sunday best.

Off I go!

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