Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crazy Time

The goslings are now gooselings

Two weeks until the end of the school year -- that crazy time.  I think that musically, these last few days would be called a crescendo.  Everything that was ever put off, postponed or forgotten about during the preceeding 98.8% of the school year MUST take place now.  And it is.

This afternoon, right after school, I'll be in a meeting to talk about the progress of a student.  It will probably be a long one.  Right after that, is our Open House where we show off our classrooms and a sampling of everything we've done for the year to everyone who cares to visit.  The problem is that my classroom is far from ready to be presented.  And I just remembered that the students' rock collection for science haven't been graded yet.  I forgot.  I've got to somehow get that done before tomorrow.

And the school psychologist emailed last night asking for all the test scores and grades for the student in today's meeting.  She apologized for the short notice, but I've got to get that done now.

Here I sit doing my blog instead.  Crazy times require occasionally tapping on the brakes and slowing down.

And now I must get ready for school -- foot on accelerator and I'm off, leaving trails of teacher-dust in my wake....

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