Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday School is Unfortunate, but...

... a Sunday spent in the ER is even more so.

Bruce was taken off his blood thinners before his back surgery and the word from the doctors was that he may not need to be on them anymore.  Oh, so wrong.

His left leg had started aching on Friday, but he thought it might be from overdoing the walking around the place.  By Sunday morning it was really hurting.  When I hopefully asked if he wanted to go to Costco with me, he quietly said that he thought he should go to the ER.  After a call to the Advice Nurse, this is exactly what she told him to do.  Five hours later, we were home again.  Bruce has a blood clot in his left leg and will be giving himself injections to break it up.  It still hurts like hell, but it's a relief to have him home instead of in the hospital.  I was quietly freaking out, thinking that we may be going through something like this again -- and so soon.  But we were sent home.  I'm grateful for that.

I'd just changed into my comfy yoga pants, when horse trainer/friend Mary stopped by with her daughter to pick up eggs, deliver some t-shirts and chat.  Mary always shows up when I need someone to make me smile and kick my butt so I don't feel sorry for myself.  She's sort of like my own personal Mary Poppins that way.

A little later, neighbor Leo and two of his young sons showed up on their bikes, and they brought smiles to me too.  Leo's sons collected eggs and fed carrots to a very happy Cornelius, while Leo unloaded all the sacks of chicken scratch and one huge sack of dog food from the back of the car and hauled it to the barn for me.  That was such a nice thing to do.  And off they peddled.

Then Mama called and I told her the news and she offered to help in any way she could.  That was also appreciated.

And now I've got Bruce tucked into bed, my lesson plans written and will be going out to close in the chickens as soon as I'm done with this.  I'm feeling sort of tired and fragile, but sleep will help with that.  Not exactly the sort of weekend I was looking for or wanted - but sitting here on this Sunday night, I'm about as grateful for my blessings as I've ever been.

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