Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Quiet Saturday

Finally, just a quiet Saturday at home.  In the afternoon Bruce sat outside in the sun, took pictures and kept me company while I overhauled the rose bed by the house.  It was weeded, mulched with compost and the rock border was redone.  The roses were fertilized and I transplanted about a dozen dianthus that had escaped into our weedy "lawn."  Finally, I straightened our tilted birdbath by jimmying flat pieces of shale along one edge of its base.  The temperature was mild, the cats were lazy and the dogs relaxed and snoozed as I worked.

Hmmm...once again, I'm looking at a photograph of something that's supposed to be straight and it's leaning.  That birdbath is definitely canting to the left.

Ah, well -- I'll wait a year and give it another go next spring.

My helper, Murphy

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