Monday, March 4, 2013

Corny's New Shoes and Other Stuff

First with the "other stuff":  Bruce is home!  Bruce is home!  Bruce is home!  There had been talk of five days in a nursing home so Bruce could regain mobility, but he was doing so well that it was decided he could skip this and come right home.  So yesterday evening he was wedged into my tiny little Honda Fit and off we went back to Frogpond.  We're all so happy to have him back!  He's got a walker and we are realistic that the recovery will be slow -- but we're on our way.  Today I went back to work and Mama came up to keep an eye on things.  All went well.  We're getting back to "normal."  I'm so grateful I could cry...

Raleigh, the horseshoer, came today while I was away and put shoes on Cornelius's front feet.  Now that he's being ridden on the road his hooves are chipping and Mary said he needed shoes.  His feet had grown so tender that he was limping on the gravel drive.  So shoes he got.  I came home to find a very spunky Corny cantering up the pasture to be fed.  It was very apparent that Corny felt much better.  And such handsome feet!

It also was a relief to find that my 4th grade classes were wonderful for the substitutes.  I'd worried about that, but everyone (pretty much) behaved.  Tomorrow I administer our State Writing Test.  Never a dull moment!

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