Friday, August 16, 2013

Then there were three...

 As promised -- pictures of Auntie Em and her brand new twin calves.  They are both little bulls and cute as buttons.  Auntie Em looks a lot more comfortable now that she's not carrying a double load of calves in her belly.  Emmet and Emil may be small, but they are both enthusiastic at the milk bar.  Poor Antie Em appears to realize that her world just got a lot more complicated.

Big cousin Florrie isn't too sure of these infants who suddenly appeared, but the twins eagerly wobble over to her to say hi.

Look at that little face!  Not sure if this is Emmet or Emil.
Auntie Em is an attentive mother and croons to her babies with long, low "moos."

The cows all now expect their daily ration of hay from us.  We're happy to oblige.


  1. Awwww too cute!! And why am I not surprised you named them all.... :-P Have a relaxing weekend before the craziness ensues on Monday!

  2. Why are animal names so easy to remember, while human names are so difficult? Memorizing my incoming classes names is always such a struggle for me. If only it were 23 puppies or calves filing in, I'd have no problem.

    Not a whole lot of relaxing this weekend -- I'm lesson planning. But at least I'm home, so that's nice.