Sunday, August 4, 2013

More Hillside Fun and the Geese Come A-Visiting

Another day spent clearing the hillside below our house of dried grass and dead leaves.  I also went to work on severely pruning the lower branches and clearing out the jumbled growth in the center of the olive and cedar trees.  The trees now have a lighter, airier look to them which opens up the views a bit -- I hope that they like their haircuts.

The weather's been in the low to mid 90's which is a blessing in August, plus today most of our time was spent in the shade under the trees.  The hill on this side of the house is on more of a gradient, so is easier for me to navigate, thank God.  It's the little things.  Bruce (with Murphy riding shotgun) took two trailer loads to the landfill. I think that we've made it to the halfway mark of this project.  We're just taking one section at a time and I don't allow myself to dwell too much on all that still needs doing.  I have now worn out the fingers on two pairs of leather gloves.

I let the geese out of their pen in the afternoon before we came in for lunch.  They trundled up onto the porch and summoned us from the kitchen by tapping on the glass front door with their bills.  There they stood, craning their heads every which way as they gazed wistfully inside.  They so badly want to be invited in for a visit.

I'm crazy, but one of these times I'd like to open the door, step back and see what they do.  But not on the day after the floors were mopped.

And yes, later when I went outside I forgot the geese had been standing on the doormat and stepped (barefoot) on their hefty-sized calling cards.

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