Monday, August 12, 2013

The August Perseids

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I woke up this morning before dawn to the sound of Arby gacking up a fur ball.  I got him hustled off the bed and then couldn't go back to sleep.  I was too grogyy to want to get up to do some schoolwork so I just lay in bed and thought about it.  After a bit, Bruce came in from outside where, unknown to me, he'd been watching the Perseid meteor showers.  He talked me into going outside with to watch the sky with him.

I wasn't all that enthusiastic, to tell the truth -- lacked the motivation and energy to even stand in the drive and look up.  But this has become an August ritual of ours, so I hauled my bones out of bed anyway and found myself gazing upwards with Bruce, looking for the streak of meteors.  As usual, the few meteors appeared to toy with us, cruelly flashing by just barely at the edge of our field of vision.  But, also as usual, we had an enjoyable time sharing the experience of almost seeing meteors together.

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