Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nesting Eggs

It's back to eggs.  To the left is our latest giganto-enormous one and to the right is a regular egg.  I assumed that the big guy would be a double-yolker and I was sort of right about that.
When I cracked it open into a bowl, one yolk was the normal orangey-yellow color, but the other was a creepy green.

Bruce was working from home yesterday, so I went running to his office to show him.  He quickly figured out that the green sphere wasn't a yolk, but rather a tiny, complete egg within the larger egg.  The green color came from its fragile shell (obviously from one of our Americana chickens).

Naturally I had to take the bowl back into the kitchen to see what was inside the tiny egg.  I cracked it open and found that there was no yolk, just some pale matter in its center surrounded by the clear white.

On another note, here is baby Floyd, Mama and Auntie cows.  They were hopefully waiting at the pasture gate for some of that fancy Corny hay yesterday evening.  Ever the sucker for sad cow eyes,  I couldn't disappoint.


  1. Weird double-yolker! Add that one to the "You'll never guess what my chicken did!" list.

  2. What can I say? We have talented hens!