Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Peed in the Fruit Bowl?

This is the kind of question you never, ever want to have to ask on a Wednesday morning as you're dashing off (late, as usual) for work.  And yet, there I was this morning asking myself that very thing. 

Actually, the first question I asked myself was, "What's this liquid pooled on the bottom of the fruit bowl?"  This was after reaching in to pull out an apple.  Ever curious, I then dipped in my index finger and took a sniff.  It was then that I asked the second question.

So far, the dogs are off the hook.  As is Bruce, the ducks, Cornelius (the horse), the geese and the chickens.  That leaves five cats, all of whom have guilty looks on their faces.  Max and Zelda never jump on the counter, so that brings the count down to three.  Poom, Arby and Multi-Pass are all pointing paws at each other.  In the end, it hardly matters.

When I got home this evening (after another long afternoon of Parent/Teacher Conferences) I changed my clothes and then carried the sloshy bowl of fruit to the compost heap and said goodbye to three apples, an onion and a winter squash. 

The cats aren't saying a word.

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