Friday, November 9, 2012

Report Card Week

Incredibly, this was the last week of the first trimester.  The school year is one third over -- I feel like I've barely started teaching this newest crop of 4th graders.  On paper, all report cards were supposed to be completed by Thursday morning.  It is now Friday evening and I just finished the last one.  Some teachers had completed all report cards last weekend (my teaching partner, Sue, being one).  I am, naturally, not friends with them any longer.

Just kidding about that last.  There are several of us who are a bit slower than the rest and our principal gives us the time we need.  I really had wanted to be finished with them so that I'd get them off my back, but it wasn't to be.  But they're done now and, with a Monday holiday,  I have a long three-day weekend in front of me. 

And so begins a Frogpond Weekend -- I need the break.  Life is good.

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