Thursday, November 15, 2012


Three days of parent/teacher conferences down -- one to go.  Between our two classes, Sue and I share 53 students and since she teaches all the math and I all the language arts, we decided to meet jointly with all of the parents of our combined classes.  In retrospect, not the wisest decision.  After our third afternoon of non-stop yapping, both of us have tired mouths, fried brains and I, for one, no longer know what or even who I'm talking about.

Today I compounded my woes by wearing a pair of shoes that cut into the top of my feet.  I knew they would when I considered them this morning, but wedged them on anyway.  What can I say -- they're cute little flats that look great with trousers and I was eager to look teacherish.  By afternoon my feet had expanded and I was in pain.  During the fourth conference, I hid my feet under the table and surreptitiously slipped my shoes off.  Ahhhhh.... Unfortunately, my feet strongly resisted getting back in those shoes when the conference was over.  Feeling like Cinderella's largest-footed stepsister, I finally managed to cram my feet back in them and then ever-so elegantly hobbled the parent over to the door.

Enough is enough -- tomorrow it's jeans and my comfy walking shoes. 

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