Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Hopes of Opening Storm Gates

Day one of my three-day weekend passed quietly enough -- stayed home in the morning, went shopping in the afternoon, and did some chores around here towards evening.  And that was it.

But, really, that wasn't it exactly.  What I really spent my day doing was trying to regain my equilibrium after a more intense than usual week at school.  As is often the case on the first night of a weekend, I woke up very early and began worrying.  I lay in bed for awhile in the dark, hoping to fall back asleep, but I finally gave it up around two a.m. and went out to the computer.  There, with a cup of herb tea in hand and Arby on my lap, I played around with this blog template.  The ways of Blogger are ever mysterious, but noodling around with various new backgrounds and layouts gave my brain something innocuous to occupy it.  While I sipped tea in front of the glow of the screen, outside one of the first rains of the season pattered against the house.  After last winter's dismal rainfall amounts followed by a long, hot summer of dust and the smoke of wildfires, it was lovely listening to the raindrops falling upon our bone-dry Frogpond Acres. 

In honor of this first gentle storm of winter, I chose this background of water drops on glass.  May the storm gates be open to a wet next four months.

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