Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve Day

Three days in Arizona...

...and then...

- POP! -

...here I am back at Frogpond again, feeling (in a good way) a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

Traveling to Phoenix so quickly after a long week at school was hectic, but worth the scrambling in an abundance of ways. I'm so glad that I went. The three days of quiet visiting with Mike and Mirelle were so exactly what I needed to be doing -- I'm still amazed that I was able to figure this out all on my own several weeks ago. Maybe I'm getting smarter after all! I do hope that my visit, on their end, was also beneficial.
As an aside, I have also come to a very helpful realization. After screeching along at breakneck speed during the previous four days at school -- brain crammed full of a storm of angst, worry, and hurry -- all that negative energy drained away from me in a matter of hours. It was quickly kicked out by new (but transient) concerns such as how many pairs of socks to pack, whether I should take off my belt when going through security at the airport (I did, and got through without setting off the alarm -- finally), how to find my way to Mike in the Phoenix airport... Minutia like that fully occupied my mind and I assume that my brain cells can only fret about a limited amount of crap at one time. So it was out with the old school worries as I filled up with new travel worries. The wonderful thing is that when the travel worries were resolved, the school worries never came back.
Wow! Is this something that everyone else knew but me? Maybe I really am getting smarter! Yeah, that's it...

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