Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Monday sort of day

Yesterday, which was a Monday, was a holiday. So that makes today, Tuesday, the first day of the week. So today was a Monday. And it lived up to its name, in the petty little annoyances that crept in all through the day.

Which started just before I set off for school to clean up my classroom. I turned on the tap and no water came out. This necessitated the long trip down to the well to see what was going on this time. And, yes, water was once again spewing from several pipes. I called Bruce (he'd barely been at work for 20 minutes), broke the good news, sent pix from my iPhone and left for school. Bruce, as usual, was in charge of coordinating the well guys to come and fix things.

At school I first cleaned up the stage area where we'd put on our ocean play. It takes time to take down a kelp forest, but it was done. Then I went to my classroom, opened the door....and was sent reeling by the unmistakable odor of dead mouse. Breathing through my mouth, I frantically searched all the obvious places where the custodians could have set a trap, but to no avail. Incredible amounts of dead mouse smell, but no mouse. The custodian himself came to check things out and he couldn't find the mouse either. He thought that it must have died behind a bookcase or behind the ceiling panels. Joy. By this time it didn't matter -- my nose could only take so much and I could no longer smell anything. I just propped the door open and worked fast.

When I returned home, the miracle was that we had water again -- at least for the time being. Bruce was home so, after a little rest, we both went down to the orchard garden to finish off the new raised bed. Before anything was even started, Bruce yelled that there was a baby quail in the garden and Max was trying to get it. So I lured the cats back to the house and fed them.

As I reached the garden for the second time, Bruce was again yelling -- this time for ice. He'd given his finger a mighty wack with the hammer and this, apparently, hurt. A lot. So, once again, up I traipsed to the house. Bruce, with finger immersed in ice, set to work on the garden bed. Almost immediately the mama quail, pip-pip-pipping like crazy, came looking for her baby. And the cats all rematerialized, looking for that baby too.

At that, we threw in the towel and called it a (Mon)day. All the cats were rounded up and we all came inside. Tomorrow is Wednesday, which is a kind of Tuesday. I think.


  1. I know what you mean when the days of the week are muddled up by a holiday.Our public holiday weekend is this coming weekend,so next week I will feel just like you on Tuesday,in fact the whole week will confuse me.!!
    We also have our own well,thankfully it does not go wrong very often,but when it does,it is always in the morning when you most need water,so frustrating.
    I hope Bruce's poor finger is better after that wack with the hammer,what a day you both had.
    Hope the rest of the week brings you peace and joy.

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for your kind words!
    Hmmm...now that you mention it, today _does_ feel exactly like a Tuesday. So it's looking like I'll be confused for the rest of the week. But then next week, you'll have your Bank Holiday and I'll gladly pass the "being muddled" hat across the pond over to you. You're welcome! :)