Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Tonight is another exciting New Year's Eve at Frogpond Acres.  Bruce and I don't do much of anything, but we don't have to -- the place gets more than enough shaking up when midnight arrives and every yahoo in the area celebrates by blasting away on their guns.  Gunshots don't seem to bother Corny, so he's out in the pasture. All the other animals are in the barn, coop or house, where they can be safe and sheltered at least a little from the racket.

This includes our Archy; the Last Fly of Summer.  I thought we'd lost him, but he turned up this afternoon, buzzing around me while I worked at my computer.  One wing is now slightly askew, but other than that the little guy looks pretty good for a fly.  For no particular reason I can think of, I took a picture of him taking a breather on my computer screen.  I think it's a rather good likeness.

Anyway, it looks like he'll be ringing in the new year at Frogpond.  If he wants to stay up, we'll leave the light on for him in the kitchen.  Bruce and I are headed for bed (but the neighbors will let us know when midnight arrives).

Wishing a happy new year to all!

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  1. As soon as I saw the preview in my blogger "to read" posts, I KNEW it was Archie!!