Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree(s)!

Note the glimmer of the pond in the distance!

For the second year in a row, we're going with living Christmas trees.  Admittedly, these smallish incense cedars are not quite the same as a massive pine filling the living room with it's spicy scent, but they make up for it by being, well, alive.

We drove over to Valley Springs to our favorite nursery last Sunday and found the larger of the two standing right up front like it was waiting for us.  We walked right past it towards the back of the nursery where the smaller, cheaper trees were.  One was chosen, loaded on the cart and wheeled back to the very nice cashier.  She told us that for this day only, all plants were 20% off.  The words were barely out of her mouth when I was dashing off to snag the larger cedar out front.

And then I picked out 3 blue oaks (at $2 a tree, how could I resist?) and 3 replacement blackberry vines.  I was very much in the "happy" zone.  I'll be out doing some hole digging before the new year hits.

And in fifteen years or so, they'll be looking like this one.  I'll try to be patient.

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