Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rebirth of the Frogpond Pond

We've had off and on rains (to be honest, more off than on...but still) this week so water is finally beginning to collect in the pond.  However, I've come home just as the sun was setting each evening so couldn't get much more than a tantalizing glimpse of reflected sky before the light was gone.

Today is Saturday so I indulged in reading in bed while sipping coffee.  Suddenly a golden light washed in and I looked up to find the sun had broken through the clouds.

Happy geese flapping around the yard after being let out of the barn

Naturally, I had to run outside in my red bathrobe to take pictures of the radiance that set all of Frogpond glowing.

Behold!  Our pond is gradually coming into being again.  We still have a long way to go, but even that modest shimmer of water transforms everything.

Here is a view from the heap of rock and mud that will be an island when the water finally surrounds it.  Until then, I'm working on building it up.  In my red bathrobe, I chucked a few clods of muck up to the top.  Life in the country.

We're expecting another, bigger storm towards the end of next week.  Keep 'em coming!


  1. The colors are so beautiful! I'd be out there in my bathrobe, too!!!

  2. Running out in a bathrobe was the only sensible solution -- gold-lit mornings don't wait for minor things like getting dressed. Thank God I live in the boonies!