Monday, December 29, 2014

First Freezes of Winter

Despite our lovely rains of November, the weather here has been unusually warm.  Until last week, the lemon tree in its big pot sat out on the bedroom deck along with the geraniums, amaryllis and jade plants.  The leaves on the mulberry tree in front turned gold but hung on through the storms.  They needed a good cold snap to get them to let go and drop.  And the houseflies continued on, merrily annoying us and getting swatted when they came inside.  That was last week.

This week, the temperatures finally dropped down into the mid 20's and our Northern California winter has finally arrived.  The lemon tree and all the other potted plants are on a cart in the garage.  The mulberry leaves (probably with sighs of relief) were finally able to tumble to the ground.  And the houseflies are gone except for one clever one who appears to have become something of a pet.  I suppose I'll have to name him.

It may feel like winter at night, but the days still reach the low to mid 50's and the sun is warm.  Here is Max, toasting himself on the bales of hay in front of the barn.  Rough life.


I think that I'll name the fly "Archie".


  1. Ha! (about the fly)
    Thanks for the kitty picture....can't go wrong with sleepy cat photos.

  2. I do believe that Archie has gone on to that great kitchen in the sky to join his brethren. I'm not too sad. I know he'll be waiting for me.

    Max sends his regards!